Photos of Jeff W Godin by others
This is a picture of me performing at The Night Gallery
back in the late 90's. I think Fred Hollis took this picture
during my performance at P.A.R.O.L.E..
Me while I was working for the city of Calgary Parks &
Recreation, This was in the infamous Amenities
department. One of our crew members took this.
Me dressed up as Red  for the Green Fools. This day
we were entertaining folks at Eau Claire Market in
Calgary. Ru-Anne Vibeguard's friend took this.
Me while performing at the Calgary Stampede's Grandstand show. I
am the stilt walker dressed in green. I did this some time during my
Green Fool stilt walking days. I think it's 2002 or 2003.
This was the following year. Not too shabby 2 years in a row at the Grandstand show. We
were the chocolate sprinkles on the cake as I liked to say. Once again I am on the left, or
the right if you are viewing from the audience. You can see me towering over the kids.
This was a photo of me doing some kinda' performance art
piece at Java Sharks. David Stanfield took this. This was
in 2002 or 3 or 4 maybe. I can't remember.
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This photo came
This poster was designed by Aaron Hagan & myself for a poetry & artist
collaboration called Metamorphosis which was held at the Yates in Lethbridge
during March of 2010. The picture of us was taken by my housemate Tim F..
Oh almost forgot  the picture of my hand was taken by Aaron Hagan. When I
lived in Calgary someone once said I should be a hand model.
Me & Bandit. This was taken by Cora I think
during some day trip back in 2007.
Me in front of Buckingham Palace in London, England some time
during the spring of 2009. The photo was by some random tourist.
Me going sideways through the canopy in Costa Rica. Photo taken by a guide in
November of 2009. I have one where I'm upside down but this looked better.
This photo came from the "The Expendables" Facebook app.. I
had no idea where to stick this so I thought why not here.
This photo came from The Festival of Animated Objects. I got contracted by an
American Theatre company to perform in their bear suit for their show during the
run of the festival. The previous year I was working for the Green Fools & was
lent to the aforementioned American theatre company. The Fools payed me way
better but hey a gig is a gig. I was doing something I enjoyed.